If you are expecting or in a stage of planning for a baby and have dental issues, it is better to visit your dentist immediately.

You might have heard so many things about oral care and its effects during pregnancy. But it is always suggested to visit a doctor and get the consultation directly.

There are so myths about oral care during pregnancy. We hear people say, that pregnant lady should always avoid the dentist, a dental x-ray is harmful, morning sickness is harmless and much more. But do you know, the best person to say what you have to do and what not to do during your pregnancy, is the dentist himself.

So follow the below points to prevent yourself from dental ache before, during and after pregnancy.

Before pregnancy

Book an appointment and visit your dentist immediately. Even you might have a minor dental issue, it’s better to consult and get the oral scanning done. This will reduce your risk of dental ache during pregnancy.

During pregnancy

Before you visit a dentist during your pregnancy, check with your obstetrician and get the precautions.

As you reach the dentist tell them that you are pregnant so that they can tell the best treatments suitable to you. Tell them the medications and drugs you are taking. And also inform them if you are under any specific pregnancies care.

Dental x-rays won’t be harmful as the dentist will safeguard you and your baby by providing a shield and using specific procedures to get the reports.

Maintain oral hygiene to avoid risk. Eat healthily and go for regular dental check-ups along with your pregnancy check-up.

After Pregnancy

Visit dentist as soon as possible after your delivery, if you had any oral care problem during pregnancy and get the complete oral check-up done.

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