If you have ever noticed, while buying any health insurance in India, the one major point they will let you know is, there will be no dental coverage in your health insurance.

You may check for varieties of health insurance plans available in India provided by many companies for all ages and their requirements, you will not find the dental coverage.

Yes, there are one or two companies who claim to provide dental insurance separately, but the problem here is they have lots of conditions, which limits us to get the complete dental protection.

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It is studied that dental care is the costliest heath care in the whole world, which includes India also. As India gets all the dental equipment and materials imported from other countries, the dental treatments are charged high.

Depending upon the dentist and the hospital/clinic, the dental treatments are charged differently, which again becomes the reason for the insurance companies to not provide the dental coverage.

Like all other health care services, if the dental service charges are fixed or approximate charges are provided, the insurance companies in India will be able to provide coverage for dental treatments, so that every individual can receive a complete dental care at an affordable price.

At present, the only company in India, which is not an insurance company or just a dental clinic, but provides the complete oral solution at an affordable cost without any condition is, Orident – a reason to smile!
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