Do you know, in India more than 60% of children are suffering from some or the other dental problems and before they reach the age of 15 they would have been diagnosed with some sort of dental caries?

The study says that the number of children suffering from dental problems is increasing, due to the lack of awareness about the importance of child oral health, false beliefs about primary/baby teeth and unaffordable oral healthcare.

Lack of awareness:

Not only the kids, even the parents are not aware that the oral care of a child is as important as the elder’s oral health. As the oral care begins before the baby gets the teeth, the parents have to take a good care of child’s teeth and gums. They should also make sure that, as a child grows, they are providing the complete information on the importance and the need of one’s oral care.

dental care for child

False beliefs:

Even today, where the health care industry and technology to provide the best solution for oral health has developed in India, the people just ignore children’s oral health. As they believe that the baby teeth/ primary teeth will fall off soon, it doesn’t require to be taken care, which is completely false. The way the primary teeth are taken care plays a vital role in having a healthy oral life for a child.

Unaffordable oral health care:

The dental equipment and materials used in treatments are mostly imported from other countries, because of which the charges applied is costly and not affordable for every individual.

It is very important that parents along with children have to understand the need of oral care from childhood. They should be provided with regular counseling and awareness on oral care to maintain a good health of their teeth and gums. The children have to be taken to regular dental check-up to avoid risk in future.

Orident Champs launched by Orident Health Pvt Ltd conducts regular dental camps for school children’s and teachers to create awareness on oral health care. It provides the complete oral solution for children at an affordable cost without any conditions.

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