The new oral healthcare industry in the country is transforming the meaning of protection. It is changing the way oral health care company works. Giving a new meaning to the dental care services it is adding a smile on everyone’s face.

Merging the both dental coverage and dental service that is normally provided by insurance companies and oral healthcare industries, Orident is emerging has India’s first complete oral solution provider at an affordable cost.

Dental coverage bangalore

There are many dental clinics and hospital who provide a complete oral solution depending upon your affordability. If you are able to afford all the expenses then you can expect to receive a complete solution. If not, you may start searching for an insurance company that provides the dental coverage and support you at the time of your need.

But in reality, in India, there is no insurance company which provides the coverage for your dental expenses, which leads to the lack of complete oral protection to a maximum number of India’s population.

Targeting this, the Orident has come up with new ideas and technologies that are not just changing the way oral health care is provided, it transforms the complete system of oral care industry.

It serves and provides coverage to give the complete protection by treating the oral health issues and supporting financial by providing an entire year service without any conditions applied. With minimal payment and quality treatment serves equally to every individual, including children, elders and senior citizens.

Orident – based out of Bangalore is serving across the city and states and is expected to grow overall the country very soon.

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