Let’s welcome the New Year with a smile, good health and harmony. We all love our children and enjoy watching them feasting on sweets and other delicacies on this festival occasion.

It is important to give them nutritious food which is rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals for their overall health. This not only helps them to build healthy body but also helps them to have strong and healthy teeth.

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In a global perspective Oral health has been highly neglected for the past several years. This is due to lack of knowledge on oral hygiene and as parents; we tend to ignore the child’s oral condition. Due to this ignorance, the most common oral conditions in children today are Rampant caries, cavity, Tooth decay which leads to major oral complications like tooth extraction, Root Canal treatments etc.

Often there is a myth in parents that the falling tooth will not cause any harm or affect the child. But the fact is if deciduous teeth are not treated with due care and diligence it would lead to impact the permanent teeth.

It is important to teach our children the importance of oral hygiene, regular brushing technique at a young age. The good practice is to brush the teeth before going to bed. Consuming nutritious food along with oral hygiene will constitute towards healthy Oral profile.

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