A child is dependent on parents and it is their responsibility to take care of them.

The importance parents give to the children’s oral health and the way they take care of it plays a vital role in maintaining good oral health of a child.

The parents have to monitor the child’s behavior towards their oral healthcare, like how they brush, how they eat, what they consume, the habit they follow or addicted to, such as teeth biting/thumb sucking and much more.

children's pediatric dentistry

Majority of parents in India do not spend the necessary time for the oral care of a child

According to the studies, in India, only 12% of parents take thorough care of their child’s oral health by monitoring and advising whereas, 28% only gave advice, 35% neither gave advice nor monitored and remaining ones didn’t have enough knowledge about oral health issues that the child can be affected with.

The parents have to take their child to dental visit regularly, whether the child is having an oral health problem or not. Visiting dentist will help in preventing and protecting the healthy oral life of a child. From the day one the parent should monitor the habit of child and if any unusual or issues encountered then they have to take them to the dentist immediately.

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