This summer make sure that your children are protected with complete oral care. As they will be spending more time in various physical activities, the chances of dehydration will be high. The excessive heat during summer results is dehydration causing harm to teeth and oral tissues.

Here is the list of things to help your kids have more fun while protecting their oral health during summer.

The first thing every parent has to do in summer is taking their children to dental visit. Whether the child is affected by the oral health issue or not, take them to the dentist, as a regular visit to the dentist will help in maintaining a healthy oral life for a child.

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In summer children prefer drinking more soft drinks and juices that contain citric acid. Monitor your child and guide them to drink plenty of water rather than drinking sugary or acid contained drinks, which will increase the chance of tooth decay.

Dehydration causes dry skin especially the lips which have soft tissue get chapped during this summer. Protect kids lips using lip balm or lip gloss. Lip balm/gel/gloss with sun protection SPF factor will keep it moisture whole day.

Let your child not forget to use the mouth guard while playing games to protect their teeth from injury.

The best snacks during summer are fruits or vegetables containing high water content, such as watermelon. And if you are giving other fruits containing citric acid tell them to rinse mouth immediately. Give only fresh fruits, as in summer the fruits and vegetables get spoiled soon and will lose its nutrition

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