Take a look at the shape of your teeth to know what it says about you. Try for yourself and then check on your friends and family member.

Generally, the teeth are of four different shapes, square, rectangular, triangle and oval. Every shape says a particular nature or behaviour of a person.

The study of science called morphopsychology helps in understanding a person’s personality by their physical presence. Though the study seems quite difficult to general people, a proper observation and understanding can help in identifying one’s personality.


Know what the four shapes of teeth means and surprise people by letting them know about their personality.

  1. Square:

Calm and controlled.

The people with square teeth are naturally calm and can control themselves very well. They know how to control their feelings and emotions. They can be a good judge and decision maker as they are very objective. They will make a good bunch of friends because of their calm and peace nature. They will be well arranged and collective.

  1. Rectangular:

Practical and oriented.

If you wish more practical than emotional then for sure you would like people with rectangular shaped teeth. It is studied that such people are very rational in both personal and professional lives. They are imaginative, social, talks a lot and optimistic.

  1. Triangle:

Carefree, fun and dynamic.

Triangular shaped teeth people are full of energy and fun. They love to enjoy every moment of their lives.  They are defined for their dynamism character. They are very optimistic as they believe in living every moment to the fun extent.

  1. Oval:

Artistic, shy and organised.

From dressing to their hair style, accessories, the way they carry out things and in everything you can see that they are very artistic. With this, they are shy and well organised. They love to keep everything organised and present in an artistic manner.