Take a look at the shape of your teeth to know what it says about you. Try for yourself and then check on your friends and family member. Generally, the teeth are of four different shapes, square, rectangular, triangle and... Continue Reading →


10 awful things that will happen to your teeth if it is not brushed regularly

We all brush regularly, if not the twice, at least once in a day, but still become the victim of dental problem. The study says in India majority of people suffer from one or the other oral health problem due... Continue Reading →

Oral Care for children during summer

This summer make sure that your children are protected with complete oral care. As they will be spending more time in various physical activities, the chances of dehydration will be high. The excessive heat during summer results is dehydration causing... Continue Reading →

Parents, a reason for the children’s good or bad oral profile

A child is dependent on parents and it is their responsibility to take care of them. The importance parents give to the children’s oral health and the way they take care of it plays a vital role in maintaining good... Continue Reading →

Happy and healthy recipe for your children on this Ugadi!

Let's welcome the New Year with a smile, good health and harmony. We all love our children and enjoy watching them feasting on sweets and other delicacies on this festival occasion. It is important to give them nutritious food which... Continue Reading →

Orident Trends – Transforming the meaning of oral protection

The new oral healthcare industry in the country is transforming the meaning of protection. It is changing the way oral health care company works. Giving a new meaning to the dental care services it is adding a smile on everyone’s... Continue Reading →

Why is the oral health care of children ignored?

Do you know, in India more than 60% of children are suffering from some or the other dental problems and before they reach the age of 15 they would have been diagnosed with some sort of dental caries? The study... Continue Reading →

Why there is no dental coverage under health insurance?

If you have ever noticed, while buying any health insurance in India, the one major point they will let you know is, there will be no dental coverage in your health insurance. You may check for varieties of health insurance... Continue Reading →

Dental care during pregnancy

If you are expecting or in a stage of planning for a baby and have dental issues, it is better to visit your dentist immediately. You might have heard so many things about oral care and its effects during pregnancy.... Continue Reading →

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